Sewer and Drain Leak Detection in Pomona Valley, CA.

Detecting Sewer and Drain Leaks on Your California Property

Sewer and Drain Leak Detection in Pomona Valley, CA.

Sewer and Drain Leak Detection Services in Rancho Cucomonga, Claremont and the Pomona Valley, CA

Don’t Let An Undiscovered Sewer or Drain Leak Suck Money Out Of Your Wallet!

The Plumbers Connection know all about sewer and drain leaks. We know that a sewer or drain leak can cause a lot of damage over time, which is why we recommend routine inspections.

The big tree in your yard, the construction or landscaping that you might have done recently, and those old pipes on your property all might be causing some serious issues due to wastewater leakage. Some sewer and drain repair services want to come on your property and leave a bigger mess that you might have started with after inspection and repairs, but The Plumbers Connection won’t. Underground sewer lines and pipes in your home or commercial space don’t need to be dug up to inspect.

Our advanced trenchless techniques and expertise has been developed around maintaining the integrity of your property before, during, and after each repair job we do.

When Should You Call for Leak Detection Services?

Ground Movement or Landscaping Construction Work

If you have had some landscaping on your property or have had recent construction done, a routine inspection of the sewer lines and indoor pipes should also be done. Tree roots actively search for water, oxygen and nutrients in the soil and leaks in underground sewer pipes are perfect targets. If tree roots get into your sewer system, they can block and destroy the pipes they invade through their growth.

As well, if there has been ground movement through natural disasters in California (like our small but regular earthquakes) or landscaping/construction, shifted pipes, cracks in pipes, and broken pipe joints can all be leaking waste water in your property.

New/Old Home Purchase or Renovation

If you’re looking to purchase a home, typical house inspections do not include sewer line inspections. If you want to avoid large repair costs and dangerous floods causing damage on your new property, you should routinely schedule quick and cost­saving sewer and drain inspections by The Plumbers Connection. If your home is old (pre­ 1984) then your pipes may be damaged by now or made from brittle clay. An inspection will let you predict and prepare for issues with your sewer system.

Water Backing Up, Slow Water Flow, or Bad Smells From Pipes.

If you have been experiencing gurgling noises from toilets, water backing up into showers, sinks, or toilets while other drains are being used, or nasty smells from walls and floors near drains or sewer pipes, you may have a serious wastewater leak on your property. Sometimes surface water and runoff can find its way into your walls or foundation through cracks or if hydrostatic pressure is great enough to force water into your property.

Sewer systems can fail in heavy rainfall and send water into your property as well. If you have experienced periodic flooding on your property in (County/State) from drains or sewer pipes you should call The Plumbers Connection immediately. Even minor blockages and leaks can cause massive damage over time.

How Does The Plumbers Connection Detect Leaks?

Sewer Camera Inspections

One of the best ways to find a leak is to spot it with your own eyes. Our trained technicians know leaks when they see them and with the help of sewer cameras, they can pinpoint them without digging on your property or ripping your walls and floors up. The sewer camera is attached to a long fiber optic cable that, when strung along the sewer line, sends back images of the inside of your pipes and records the distance it travels. This way The Plumbers Connection experts can locate leaks in no time and even show you exactly what they are talking about.

Radar and Geophones

Outdoor and underground leaks can be difficult to pinpoint but trenchless sewer repair technology has advanced far enough that modern plumbing doesn’t require destructive trenching just to see a pipe. If you want to save on the headache that comes with digging up your property like this, go with radar or geophone leak detection. Radar leak detection works by sending out radar waves that travel through materials, returning at different times, painting a picture of sorts of what the underground looks like. Geophones work like stethoscopes, allowing a leak detecting expert to determine where the leak is by listening for it.

Gas Detection

A trusted method of detecting leaks in pipelines is through gas detection. Special, and harmless, gases can be introduced to pipelines via any access point on your property. Then if the gas is escaping the pipe anywhere down the line, extra sensitive devices that detect this gas will determine where on the line the leak is.

Routine Inspection and Leak Detection Services Are a Smart Choice

Maintaining your residential or commercial property is very important to you. Knowing what kind of pipes you have, and their current condition, will let you know how best to keep your property safe and secure for the future. Common, but destructive, sewer line problems like corrosion, root damage, broken joints, and blockages can cause serious damage over time. Sewer line and drain leak detection services by The Plumbers Connection avoids costly future problems for your pipes.

If you would like to have your sewer or drain system inspected by the professionals then give us a call today!

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