Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections

Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections in Chino Hills

Sewer and Drain Camera InspectionsAre you looking at purchasing a home in the Chino Hills area?  Do you already own a home, but are unsure if your plumbing is 100%?

If your home is more than 20 years old, do you even know if it’s had an inspection on the sewer system recently, or ever?  Many home buyers in California purchase older homes without first having a sewer inspection done on the sewage and drain system.  This is a mistake that ends up costing some unlucky buyers many thousands of dollars in repairs to their sewer system.

The same goes for homeowners who’ve never had their system inspected.  It’s generally a good idea to have your system inspected at least every couple of years, moreso if you have a large family or many people using the bathrooms and water within your home.  Sewer and drain problems can be costly, and oftentimes, prevented with an early detection.

Why Would You Have Your Chino Hills Sewer System Inspected?

Typically on older homes where the plumbing system hasn’t been looked at in years there can be issues with the underground piping.  Are there trees or large shrubs in the yard within close proximity to your sewer lines?

This is enough reason on it’s own to have an inspection done on the sewer system because tree roots are one of the main issues homeowners will face.  The roots work their way into the pipes via a small crack, break or even a hole in the pipe.

Once the roots get inside your sewer system and realize the availability of water and nutrient rich water is through the roof so the roots expand into giant root balls in your sewer system.  These gradually catch everything going down your drain and will eventually clog the pipe.  As the roots continue to grow, they literally destroy the sewer piping and cause major problems for the homeowner, as in $8,000+ worth of problems.

There are many homes in the Chino Hills area that were built prior to 1950.  If you’re looking at one of these homes, it may have sewer lines made that were made from a material called Orangeburg.  This material disintegrates over time and will eventually end up collapsing.  The sewer line will need to be replaced, and you’ll want to know about this before you buy a home, wouldn’t you agree?

Plumbing, drain and sewer systems are usually not inspected (at least thoroughly) by a building or home inspector.  So don’t live under the allusion that if the home inspector say’s everything is OK that it really is.  It takes a plumber with speciality tools and knowledge of the sewer and drain systems in your home to make that judgement call.

When you have a professional plumber come to the home you are thinking of buying we can run an inspection camera down the sewer drain for you and we’ll be able to say A-OK or we’ll let you know about current or future issues.  This provides you with some leverage in your deal as well and in some cases can even have the nescessary repairs worked into the deal for closing, but you’ll need to speak to your realtor about that.

Who Does Sewer and Drain Inspections For Home Buyers in Chino Hills?

The Plumbers Connection is a full service plumber specializing in sewer and drain inspections throughout Chino Hills and the Pomona Valley area.  If you’re a realtor, homeowner or first time home buyer give us a call when you’ve decided to have a sewer and drain inspection completed.

We’ll come out and do a thorough inspection of the system and provide you with a complete report on the sewer and drain system health so you can buy with confidence or at least have some bargaining power in your corner if you find something negative but would still like to buy the home.  Plumbing can be fixed, it’s just not fun getting the surprise bill when you had no idea it might be coming.

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