Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom Grab Bar Installations.

Grab Bars are an important part of any safe bathroom design that caters to disabled individuals or those with some form of physical handicap that might require extra assistance when using the bathroom.  Properly installed grab bars will support several hundred pounds safely and will help provide somebody the assistance they need, to use the bathroom on their own, or with very little help.

Grab Bars seem like such a simple thing to install but they really need to be “fine-tuned” to provide the maximum benefit to the owner or the person who actually will be using the Grab Bars on a daily basis.  It’s important that proper blocking in your frame walls are in place to ensure a successful installation.

The Plumbers Connection has extensive experience with designing and building accessible bathrooms for physically disabled people.  It’s hard to imagine that something as simple as a grab bar could help restore someones freedom and independence in one of the most private rooms in their own home but they really do!  We understand that you’re specific needs and personal routines will dictate how we provide you with an excellent grab bar solution.

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