The Importance Of Cleaning Out Storm Drains

(Hydrojet Machine Cleaning a Local Storm Drain)

Have You Checked Your Storm Drains Lately?
We specialize in storm drain inspections and cleaning.

Storm drains are an integral part in a sophisticated system that has been designed and engineered to take all of the floodwaters  and run off from rainstorms and channel it safely into the cities drainage systems.  Without storm drains we’d have to deal with flooded areas frequently during bouts of severe rain.

Storm drain systems can routinely get clogged with mud, sticks, garbage and a whole manner of objects that find their way through the grates and into the storm drain system.  When a storm drain gets clogged with debris and/or garbage it can backup during severe rainstorms and flood your street and even flood your property which can cause extensive damage if it’s left unchecked.

How Can You Help Keep Storm Drains Clean?

There are many things property owners can do to help keep their storm drains clean and clear from debris.

  • Clean up fallen leaves.
  • Clean up trash near storm drains.
  • Trim your trees so dead branches don’t find their way into the storm drains.

How Do You Know If Your Storm Drain Is Clogged?

For starters it will probably have trouble keeping up with the flow of water and will begin to flood the area.  If you notice a large puddle where a storm drain should be then it’s likely that branch of the system has a clog somewhere.  In cases where the clog cannot be found immediately we’ll use our inspection cameras to inspect the storm drain system from the inside with a real-time camera feed.  We’ll be able to pinpoint the exact location of the clog and what’s causing it.

How Do We Unclog Storm Drains Systems?

Storm drain systems need to be cleaned quite frequently, especially during periods with high rain fall such as the fall/winter weather. Routine storm drain system cleaning will greatly reduce the amount of debris both in the storm drain system and wherever it drains too.

Your storm drains don’t go straight into the ground and into oblivion either, this water is usually channelled elsewhere to a nearby treatment plant, a creek, or even the ocean in.  Through the storm drain system there are long, flat sections of pipe that can be prone to clogging because there just isn’t enough a high enough flow to flush out the debris.

The Plumbers Connection can unclog your storm drain systems with the use of a hydrojetting machine.  The hydrojet has a spinning head on the head that releases a very high pressure stream of water.  The rapidly swirling water is able to “jet” through the toughest of clogs including mud, leaves, branches, garbage and more.  The end result is a storm drain system that is clean and free of debris and ready for service.

Do You Need Your Storm Drains Cleaned Out?

lThe Plumbers Connection is a full service plumber based out of Claremont, California and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in the inspection and cleaning of storm drains and storm drain systems for residential, municipalities and commercial business properties as well.

If you need your storm drains inspected, cleaned or unclogged then give The Plumbers Connection a call today or fill out our online form and someone will get right back to you.

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